Service on a stick

Turnkey solutions - 'just add water'
Whether a dreamdigital solution is a specific configuration or a widely configurable 'boxed' product, there's usually the valuable option of using dreamdigital as your Application Service Provider.

Managed remote hosting
With this options, your application and/or your data is stored, maintained and hosted on dreamdigital server facilities. You would access the solution system either from any suitable browser, or using a suitably installed client application. Data integrity and security issues can looked after for you, and you'll need less, if any servers on your premises. Best of all, if we need to upgrade or evolve the solution, it can be done through a centrally managed process.

Appliance hosting
Like the managed remote hosting option, but wrapped up and provided to you in a 'box' - or 'appliance' to use the latest test - the application and data can stays on your premises. Remote access with security features by dreamdigital provides the maintaince for upgrades and evolutions.

In both cases, administration access and monitoring options for you, can be provided for configuration via suitable web pages, via a configuration/monitoring application, or via programmatic interface such as Web Services.