It does not mean a thing if you have not got that schwing!

Quite simply, the skills dreamdigital has available - get that techy glossary ready - take a deep breath:

Business Strategy: Technical direction, research, technology-related matters commercial strategy

Business Management: Executive team/project management, lead development, and introducing policies/practices

Software development tools and languages: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Visual C++.

Software component types: Win32 GUI apps, console/command-line apps, utilities, windows services

Development frameworks and libraries: ATL, MFC, IDL, .NET

.NET development tools and languages: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, C++ Managed Extensions

.NET component types and technologies: .NET Framework incl. ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Winforms, Webforms, User controls, Custom Controls, Windows services, Serviced (COM+) Components, Plug-ins, Other Assemblies.

COM component types: ActiveX Controls, Control containers, ActiveX DLLs, ActiveX Servers, Automation clients, in/out-process

COM/COM+ technologies: IUnknown/IDispatch, IDL, TLB, custom/dual interfaces, MSMQ, threading apartments, marshalling, Component services, Transactions

Win32 APIs: GDI, Theading, Synchronisation, Asynchronous I/O, Completion Ports, etc.

Web: IE, Netscape, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Data Islands, ASP, ADO, WAP, WML.

XML: DOM Parser, XSLT, Schemas/DTDs

Scripting: VBScript, JavaScript, ActiveX Scripting integration/hosting

Network programming: TCP/IP winsock sockets including HTTP and inter-OS protocols.

SQL Server 2000: XML, Stored Procedures, Transactions, SQL, installation and administration

Exchange 2000 Server: Event scripting, installation and administration

Mobile: Embedded C++, CE 3.0, Pocket PC 2002 SDK, Smartphone 2002 SDK

Software Deployment: InstallShield, Windows Installer and .NET deployment

Globalisation: Code internationalisation, Unicode, asset processing, software deployment

DirectX 2D/3D SDKs: DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectInput, DirectShow, DirectPlay, DirectSound

Windows Media: Codecs, WMP SDK, Format SDK, Media Services, Media Services SDK

Graphics/Media tools: Flash inc. Action Scripting, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Maya

Office: 97/2000/XP, Automation, VBA, COM Plug-ins.

Hosting: Web farm redundancy, deployment, sessions, remote maintenance, security

Client OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP migration, install, administration and support

Server OS: Administration and Support: Windows NT/2000/2003 Server migration, install, administration and support

Application Servers: Exchange 2000 Server migration, setup, administration and support, ISA Server setup, administration and support. SQL 2000 Server support.

Administration tasks: Backup/Restore, (Event log) troubleshooting, Imaging, Applying SPs/Hotfixes, Remote administration, Hardware builds, Monitoring, Software asset management, Software deployment management, User support, Printer installation, administration and support

Administration topics and technologies: Enterprise-wide anti-virus solutions, 802.11b WiFi, Terminal Services, PCAnywhere, Active Directory, OUs, Group Policies, Replication, TCP/IP, Enterprise/Internet DNS, DHCP, WINS, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, VPN, PPTP, IPSec, IIS, CAs, SSL, OWA, Routing, Subnets, Switches, Cabling, Redundant networking, RAID and other redundant hardware.

And exhale...