Mothership solutions

Enterprise wide key services
Some business functions cover domains that are so large that they often need their own solutions. The domains of the business functions below are enterprise-wide and require consistent, yet adaptable application.

One of the most effective uses of an Intranet (an organisation-wide network) is for communication, particularly via a Management Information System. A MIS can form the information publishing backbone for other solution systems. dreamdigital utilises and evolves such systems on a daily basis.

Getting knowledge proliferated, understood and shared in an efficient yet thorough manner requires effective information sharing systems. Separation of content from presentation style is (as with a website, including this one) key to flexibility. Whether presenting or communicating data in video, using 3d characters, 2D/3D illustrations, flash animations, or text, dreamdigital has been there and knows how to do it.

Comms, Collaboration and Workflow
Once the management information, processes and presentations are flowing, it's important to not only share, but also to get feedback, hand-off tasks, and report on the state of play. dreamdigital could have you using modern communication and collaboration tools from voice over IP, to video instant messaging, while tracking, sorting and happily turning over your communications.

From HR functions, through stock maintenance, to tracking assets or software licenses, small to large adaptable management systems have a place. dreamdigital can build the small to large while ensuring the systems evolve in tune, collating and relating common data and allowing for the necessary data mining.

Acceptable Use Policies can set the behavioural stage for users in the organisation. Taking advice from dreamdigital may help keep your access/network security, content management, data integrity, and legal liabilities in check.

Managing the onslaught of candidates, agencies and role requirements can be surprise or regular burden. Publishing and tracking requirements, agencies and candidates, and receiving advanced candidates CVs/resumes (including audio/video notes, Q and A, or live interviews) are within a stride of dreamdigital's capabilities.

Once all your information ducks are in a row at home base, your can soon find it's very well until you need in directly in the hands of a sales person or support team member on the road. This is now the 21st century; working remotely (including from home) is virtually a short distant to operate from when solutions bear this option in mind, from the outset - dreamdigital knows this. ASP appliances and hosting can help attain this goal.

Interoperability and partners
Let's hear for XML, SOAP and Web Services - you know them? dreamdigital can provide solutions that include these capabilities from the outset to allow you to communicate with partner and legacy systems.

From including support resources in your organisations menu of capabilities (including as a revenue stream in its own right), to following through to closure on bugs, issues and things that go blue and unresponsive (and not your fingers on a cold day), dreamdigital can provide systems that track and report all the little bug-gers.