Shake that func

Solutions for the department or business unit
The business functional areas below are so large that they often need their own solutions to cover the scope of their domain.

See the enterprise sections for solution to function across the enterprise.

PR, Lead generation, Sales, CRM
A minefield of data and pattern correlation, from launching campaigns, arranging events, through tracking client communications, to tracking sales pipelines and counting the successes - dreamdigital can advise you and implement solution that count... the cash :)

Whether you develop products to manufacture, invent AI software algorithms, or dream up new insurance products, development presents in own domain. Team work requires smooth information flow and publishing, development and support management systems, task tracking, version/SKU control and release management - things dreamdigital is very familiar with on a daily basis.

At the heart of any strong organisation, is a heart beat of ideas, platforms to build upon, key services, well established best practices and services. dreamdigital can provide solutions to help centralise, communication, and proliferation core concepts and practices.