Batteries not included, but a lot is, and that's not the only configuration available...

Made what for whom?
dream digital builds its own products and consults or assists on the development of customer products. We've done work on leading-edge business training simulation creating immersive experiences for the player whereby they can role play conversation with 3D or video rendered characters. We've consulted on marine shipping traffic pilotage, built new versions of customer assessment software including complex actuary calculations and graphing for consultants in the insurance industry. We've created games on, and converted them to modern Windows platforms, including shoot-em ups, and strategy warfare games on alien planets. We've done work on interactive voice response systems (those lovely automated phone systems). We've produced cutting-edge turnkey audio/video streaming and communication solutions.

These products represent solutions in various vertical markets and 'problem domains'. You can learn more about the range of solutions that we can build, or already have existing, specific and 'boxed' solutions for.

What's in the box... the magic ingredients
dream digital starts with a box of the right size and shape. Since we don't believe in rigid boring boxed products though, we want to make sure anything we produce for our customers is highly configurable. Sure, if you want to pay us maintenance fees for eternity, we can do that too :). Preferably you'll want us to build a product that has initial capabilities (bearing in mind the possible evolution ahead, and we'll make sure that these are considiered in the context and scope of the initial product) - you can then engage us again later to evolve the capabilites. We follow an established process from start to finish to deliver these evolving solutions each time.