Evolving solutions with the right scope and context

Do what with the what what?
dream digital knows that a solution must form a system (in a 'system domain') that concisely covers the needs and requirements (in the 'problem domain') without creating or increasing the problem domain in other systems, otherwise problem domain should be fully evaluated so that a comprehensive system solution can be formed albeit with sub-systems phases whereby a solution can evolve over time at a module level.

Products to us, are re-usable and widely applicable solutions that very clearly provide a system-based solution for a repeatable or reoccuring problem domain. Configurable capabilities in our products allows a system to cover a wider problem domain.

To provide you with a solution dreamdigital can use existing products with suitable configuration and/or you can engage dreamdigital's services to evolve the capabilities and configruation of existing products or develop new configurable specific solutions or products. In most cases, a solution involving software systems may be delivered as a 'boxed' product or provided through our remote-hosted or appliance-based application service provider (ASP) services in a centrally-administered and easily supported environment.

To allow you to explore the system domains where dreamdigital solutions (existing or to be created) can effectively cover key real-world problem domains, those domains are presented here in major categories - in each we show the appropriate sub-categories and the kinds of solutions enabled by dreamdigital's analysis, systems and expertise.

Audio/Video/Text communications and Entertainment

Business Function
PR, Lead generation, Sales, CRM, Development and Infrastructure

MIS/Intranet, Publish/Present, Comms, Collaboration, Workflow, Operations, IT, Recruitment, Mobile, Interoperability, Partners and Support