People make the world go around... la la la la la...

By the people or for the people
You may be a company looking to create a consumer solution or you are in fact a consumer looking for a solution. dreamdigital can provide system solutions in various forms for a variety of consumer matters. As well as the solution domains below, dreamdigital can provide a variety of other solutions covering other domains including publishing, filing and modern consumer technologies.

Audio/Video/Text communications
Handling personal communications is a growing area these days including phone, fax, mobile, sms, instant messaging, fax, video, webcams, etc. Whether you need a plug-in for an instant messenger or a way to show your kids using live audio and video to grandma, dreamdigital is there on desktop and mobile devices.

From filing MP3s (legally obtained of course), through watching/delivering/selling the latest pop-idol music video or movie trailer, to delivering high quality live or pay-per-view on-demand audio and video, dreamdigital is there.