Getting the right 'tude on.

There's a reason you can find yourself working with us.
At the heart of any successful relationship is a sincere and comfortably fitting connection, founded with upfront and rapidly evolving straight-forward communication...

Sometimes communication needs to be interactive, and at other times it needs to be FYI.

We aim to use efficient, yet thorough means of communication and as often as necessary to ensure everyone involved knows or contributes to the score, from intense brainstorming, to wider forums and information publishing. You know the saying - 'Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups' - totally true.

We like to find solutions; we relish the hot dog - erm the challenge. Any issue, problem or difficulty in life can be a pain, but having everyone working towards a solution can really focus the right attitude and efforts on really getting there.

Scope and Context
When we come up with a solution, we don't add bits in for the fun of it (well not too many bits). For our solution to be effective, it must be embraced in whole and not in part. The scope of a solution may in fact fall outside of the original 'problem domain', and any regular solution may be ineffective, if the wider scope is not considered or included. It's also possible that a solution to one 'problem domain' may in fact create or increase a new 'problem domain' in other systems, or just be really annoying :). Considering the scope and context (given sufficient information) is critical to providing solutions. In working with customers, dreamdigital takes this to heart.

Getting what you pay for
An ideal supplier to us, is one where 'you get what you pay for' holds true. This way, we know that paying more means that we get more - usually proportionally more. This can be more of time, skills, wisdom, etc. Since wisdom is gained by learning from experiences, it is reasonable to expect that for a good supplier, that wisdom will increase over time, and therefore one will have to pay more for the same kind of thing later on. Paying too mucn for the benefit received obviously doesn't work too well. Receiving too much for a given payment could well mean that someone was compromised along the way or that the supplier is not working happily and efficiently. From the moment you contact us, we aim to provide what you pay for. This means that we do very little for free, but paying us means you really could be receiving benefits proportional to what you pay.